Maximize Social Media Marketing, Part 1


This week in Promotional Consultant Today, we are looking at the importance of spending ample time actively engaging your client base via social media. Most companies are online networking when they need to be social media marketing. You need to be in front of your target audience again and again on multiple platforms to build top-of-mind awareness. Here are some areas on which to concentrate when building your social media marketing strategy:

Avoid the ‘Field of Dreams Fallacy’: You have a firm presence on a variety of social media platforms and have carved out a stout digital footprint. Terrific! Now, are you taking time out regularly to engage your client base? Despite the optimistic ‘if you build it, they will come’ mentality, creating social media outlets without frequent, active participation is like fashioning a clipper ship without a mast or sails. In order for your efforts to produce a spike in business or revenue, you need to get into the trenches with your clients. Post valuable, thought-provoking status updates on Facebook and participate in the conversations that unfold. Never underestimate the value your customers place on actively engaging their questions, concerns and compliments.

Market, Don’t Network: A critical misstep many business owners make when launching a social media campaign is immediately adding or following everyone they know. While inflated friend statistics may serve to massage your ego, they do little to promote your business or cause. Instead, you should be participating in social media marketing. Priority No. 1 should be positioning yourself in front of your customers to generate online traction and expand your reach. Limit your interactions on your company profiles to providing useful content and information to those you serve in a business capacity, and restrict any exchanges with colleagues, friends and family to your personal profile.

By streamlining your digital footprint to only encompass your customers and potential clients, and dedicating a bit of your daily activities to interacting with your followers, you’ll boost customer connections. Read Maximize Social Media Marketing, Part 2 in tomorrow’s PCT.

Source: Russell Trahan is president of PR/PR, a boutique public relations agency specializing in positioning clients in front of their target audience in print and online. PR/PR represents experts of all kinds who are seeking national exposure for their business or organization. Trahan and PR/PR will raise your business’ awareness in the eyes of your clients and customers. For more information, visit or e-mail for a free consultation. Want to learn more about social media? Check out the library of on-demand webinars available from PPAI’s website. They are free for PPAI members and $15 for nonmembers.

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