Norwood & BIC Graphic Launches britePix


Norwood & BIC Graphic North America announce britePix™ by Norwood, a revolutionary concept in manufacturing and imprinting that produces photographic-quality imprints. The process is available on more than 300 products.

“britePix isn’t just an imprinting method but rather a whole new concept where a brand message can truly take life,” says Emmanuel Bruno, VP and GM for Norwood & BIC Graphic North America. “We are offering a whole new level of branding and personalization.”

Dates, addresses, individual photos, QR codes, and more can be individualized on each product within an order.

“As we developed britePix, we asked ourselves, ‘do we sell a product with a message or a message on a product?’” adds Emmanuel Bruno. “Clearly, the most effective promotions are made up of a combination of impactful, brilliant messaging, quality product and a personal touch that makes the item a keepsake.”

The company will be promoting the launch of britePix with a year-long multi-media campaign, beginning with the industry’s January tradeshows.

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