Flex Systems Begins Roll-out Of Green Material: FlexBioCorn


FlexSystems (UPIC: flex9119) in El Cajon, California, has debuted FlexBioCorn, a new PVC-type material that does not contain the ingredient phthalate. There has been a recent movement to eliminate the use of phthalates in many products, including but not limited to children’s items. Companies like Disney, Nike and many consumer product corporations have strict policies on the percentage of phthalates that can be used in parts.

“Many of our customers have been requesting that their custom patches, PVC labels and custom key chains be manufactured with a real green material,” said FlexSystems’ Website Manager David Marshall. “The FlexBioCorn is a biodegradable material and made from a corn-based compound. We look to have the entire factory using this new material by the end of 2013.”

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