Chuck Fandos, CAS, Joins PPAI Board Of Directors


Chuck Fandos, CAS, CEO of distributor GatewayCDI, has been selected to join the PPAI Board of Directors, filling the seat vacated by Janie Gaunce, president of distributor Grapevine Designs, who resigned the position for business reasons earlier this month. He joins the Board Class of 2016.

Fandos, based in St. Louis, Missouri, brings 25 years of industry experience to the role, including several years with Maritz Performance Incentive Company before launching Gateway with his wife, Susie, in 1988. He also heads up Facilis Group, a consortium of distributors across Canada and the U.S.

He’s been an active industry volunteer lending his expertise as a member of the Distributors Committee (2010 to present); as chair and on-site leader for the North American Leadership Conference Work Group (2011-2012); and as a member of the PPAI International Task Force in 2009. In his local community, Fandos routinely meets with business professionals throughout the St. Louis area providing mentoring sessions and best practices to small-business entrepreneurs. He also serves as finance director at Mary Queen of Peace Church and is a member of the Stewardship Committee. In addition, he’s involved in outreach programs for St. Vincent de Paul Society and is a volunteer at St. Patrick’s Center Shelter.

A graduate of Miami University, Fandos earned his bachelor of business degree in finance and accounting.

“It’s a great honor to be asked to serve on the board and replace someone who I respect as much as Janie Gaunce,” says Fandos. “Those are very large shoes to fill, and I’m going to do my best.

“After being in the industry for 25 years, I feel I have a lot to give back to the industry at this time when there is so much going on with technology and regulation changes in the world. Our industry has to be very careful in how it navigates these fast-changing times. My background in technology and owning a large distributorship makes me qualified to help our industry steer through these waters.

“I look forward to working with all the great people on the board and the great staff at PPAI, and I welcome the challenge.”

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  1. you could not have picked a better professional to represent our industry, congratulations Chuck!

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