Advance Registration Scored Some Lucky PPAI Expo Attendees Big Prizes


Dolly Mealey, winner of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle at Wednesday's General Session, tries out her prize.

The PPAI Expo 2013 attendees who registered by September 14 were automatically entered to one of a number of prizes. During Wednesday’s General Session, Dolly Mealey’s name was drawn for the grand prize, a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

“I’m flabbergasted!” said Mealey, owner of Palm Desert, California-based distributor DT Enterprises (UPIC: dtpromo). “When they were spinning the wheel, I was thinking, ‘Did I register for this or not?’ Apparently, I did! This will probably be the beginning of a new hobby for me. I haven’t ridden a motorcycle in probably 30 years.”

Other prizes awarded to early PPAI Expo registrants include:

$150 Giftcard: Daryll Griffin, MAS; Pam Slepak; $300 Giftcard: Craig McConnaughey; Stan Rykowski;
Airfare To The PPAI Expo: Judy Broyles, MAS; Ted Dennison, MAS; Tracy Haseleu; Robert Schwarz, MAS;
Hotel For The PPAI Expo: Richard Koolmeyer, MAS; Linda Martin, MAS; Denise Taschereau; Julia Wright, MAS

Power Of Two Tickets: Remy Fenster; Tracy Haseleu; Bucky Holcomb, CAS; Richard Hom; John Killam; Cynthia Lowell; Becky Luger; Chuck Myers; Terry Peak, CAS; Margie Price, MAS; Alan Reinegger; Greg Reinhardt; Josefina Rodriquez; Brian Rothmeier; Kirby Soffer, MAS; Michael Strycharz; Kammie Teter; Ladena Tower; Geoff Wheelan; Herman Wilson

Harley-Davidson-branded Pool Table: Michael Meindl
Harley-Davidson-branded Bar: Brad Simmons
Harley-Davidson-branded Jacket/Luggage: Marc Rudolph
Harley-Davidson-branded Helmet: Gayle Reinegger

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