Visual Promotions Acquires AwardQuarters’ Customer Base, Product Lines


Supplier Visual Promotions (UPIC: VPBrand), in Sealy, Texas, has acquired of Arkansas-based AwardQuarters’ customer base and product lines, which include: Igloo, Shotshell, Stansport and GE. The transition will be effective November 15.

The main product line in focus in this arrangement is the Igloo Cooler line. “We have both carried the Igloo line for many years and Visual has done a terrific job at innovating new decoration methods in that time,” says Jack Counihan, president of AwardQuarters. “I’m excited to see what they can do with our other product lines, especially ShotShell. I have visited their facility and can assure you that they are one of the best customization companies in America.”

Counihan will to join the Visual Promotions team and act as a liaison for current AwardQuarters clients making the move. “The goal of our company during this transition is to have AwardQuarters customers continue business without any disruption. We also want to educate them on the expansion of services we offer above their current levels to help their bottom line,” says Jeff Brandes, president of Visual Promotions.

Brandes sees the acquisition as a great opportunity to expand Visual Promotions’ product offerings. He says: “I am excited about this acquisition and what it means for our customers, employees and our local community. As we grow and expand, it is important that we make smart decisions with positive effects strengthening our core values of this company. I am certain that this move is one of those.”

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