PPAI Webinars Tackle Industry Issues From The Small Business’s Perspective


PPAI’s Small-Business Solutions Education Series is a comprehensive, three-month educational webinar series targeted to meet the specific needs of small-business owners with fewer than 25 employees. Launched in October, the live sessions feature industry professionals and subject-matter experts sharing professional insights and engaging participants through discussion on proven, impactful business building strategies.

Through its webinar series, PPAI offers industry members a wealth of actionable, useful information that they can apply to their own businesses and careers. Sign up today for these and other informative, helpful sessions. Upcoming PPAI webinars include:

November 14: Product Safety & Compliance: Turn A Challenge Into A Competitive Advantage

November 15: PPAI Regional And Volunteer Benefits – How To Engage As A Small Business

November 29:  Promotional Products Work! Week, Part 2 – A Peer-Led Guide To Success!

December 6: Keys To Unlocking Employee And Leader Behaviors

PPAI’s on-demand webinars and videos enable industry members to continue their professional development anywhere, anytime. Click here for more information.

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