PPAI’s Webinar Series Focuses On Small-Business Solutions


PPAI’s professional education webinar series offers industry members a wealth of actionable information that they can apply to their own businesses and careers.

In October, PPAI launched the Small Business Solutions Education Series, a three-month lineup of education sessions targeted to meet the specific needs of small business owners with fewer than 25 employees. Also this month, PPAI’s webinars look at the Canadian Consumer Product Safety Act and how the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) affects the pet market.

Sign up today for these and other informative, helpful sessions.  Upcoming PPAI webinars include:

October 10: The Canadian Consumer Product Safety Act & Your Business

October 16: Making Human Resources Work For You: HR 101 for Small Businesses

October 18: Little Fish In A Big Pond: Entering The Industry As A Small Business

October 23: PPAI Business Partnerships – Benefits For Your Small Business

October 30: Healthcare Reform – What All Small Businesses Need To Know

October 31: CPSIA: Focus On Promotional Products For Pets

PPAI’s on-demand webinars and videos enable industry members to continue their professional development anywhere, anytime. Click here for more information.

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