PPB Readers Share Their Photos From The PPAI Expo 2012


Following The PPAI Expo this past January, PPB reached out through Twitter, Facebook and other channels and asked its readers to submit some of their favorite photos from their time in Las Vegas. The response PPB received was tremendous, and a selection of the images received is shown here.

Celebrating the New Year at The Book Company’s (UPIC: BOOKCO) booth at The PPAI Expo with party hats, noise makers and gold chocolate coins are (from left) company president Doug Greenhut; Bill Schreiber; Roni Wright, MAS; Corinne Cooper; Èccolo Journals’ (UPIC: Eccolo) Andrea Hesler and Ralph Shamah; and Heather Moore.

Andy Coyne of The Graphic Cow, a Greenville, South Carolina-based screen printer, wearing a Guinness World Record-earning 249 t-shirts at once, with Hanes’ senior marketing manager Matt Waterman (left) and Dave Carter of the Graphic Cow

Andy Coyne (center) poses with his team and the pile of 249 t-shirts he wore at the Hanes booth on The Expo tradeshow floor, where he set his Guinness World Record.

John Prusa, CAS, (right) owner of PRUSA Marketing (UPIC: prusa), a Huntington Beach, California, distributor, with Expo general session speaker and former U.S. Navy aviator John Foley. The two discussed the aviation field, which Prusa served in during his time with the U.S. Marine Corps.

Social media expert and Expo keynote luncheon speaker Jason Sadler shoots a video on the tradeshow floor with Pro Towels, Etc. (UPIC: PROTOWEL) Vice President of Sales Dana Zezzo, CAS.

Pro Towels Etc.’s Dana Zezzo, CAS, and ZOOMCatalog’s (UPIC: Zoom-cat) Bryony Zasman stop for a picture with keynote speaker Jason Sadler.

Evans Manufacturing, Inc. (UPIC: EVANS) staff at their booth on the Expo tradeshow floor: (from left) Dave Green; Rebecca Tynan; Sandy Klein, MAS; Shelley Sake, MAS; Donna Schlitz; Mike Zingale; Jennifer Windemuth; Tracey Bohmbach; Kim Rodgers; TJ Garret; Dawn Imus; Melissa Vigil; Alan Vaught; Michelle Mann, CAS; David Goldfarb, CAS; and Lori Bolton.

Walter (right) and Denise Kurt of distributors Three K Consultants (UPIC: thrkprom) pose with a balloon sculpture at the Staton Corporate and Casual (UPIC: STAT0001) booth.

The Fruit of the Loom guys pose with Denise (left) and Walter Kurt of Three K Consultants.

BrandCharger (UPIC: BCR) employees speak with distributors at their booth on The Expo tradeshow floor.

Gregory Johnson, MAS, and Marilyn Johnson setting up the Imagery Group’s (UPIC: IGROUP) booth at Expo.

The Imagery Group’s Josh Robbins celebrates a successful first day at The PPAI Expo.

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