H. Ted Olson Humanitarian Award And The Distinguished Service Award Presented At The PPAI Expo


Editor’s Note: Margie Price, MAS, was presented with the H. Ted Olson Humanitarian Award and the Distinguished Service Award at the Chairman’s Leadership Dinner on January 5 during The PPAI Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Wow, what a night, what an experience and what an everlasting memory. The PPAI team was absolutely outstanding and did everything to make my 2012 Expo memorable.

I am humbled to receive the awards and continue to pinch myself to be sure I didn’t dream the whole thing. But then, my dreams would never have been as incredible as the real thing. Ted was a wonderful man, and I am so proud to have received the award named in his honor. To meet Kathleen Olson for the first time added to the “specialness” of the evening, and of course to have such dear friends Laura Forbes, MAS; Sherri Lennarson, MAS; and Steve Slagle, CAE, introduce me was simply the icing on what was a fabulous night.

Thank you, PPAI, for putting together the night and the week. I know you all went out of your way to make certain the experience was truly one I would never forget.

We as members are lucky to belong to an association that cares about its members and shows it on many different levels—education and legislation to name two—and in some cases by acknowledging the efforts of an individual.

Margie Price, MAS
Premiums Plus Incorporated
St. Louis, Missouri

Congratulations to Margie Price, MAS, on receiving the PPAI H. Ted Olson Humanitarian Award. Her commitment to so many worthy organizations and the volunteer work she continues to do for our association and industry should be honored.

I was blessed to have spent time with Ted Olson as a friend and associate. I know firsthand he was always ready to do something for people or groups, just like Margie has done so many times for others. I know Ted would be the first to stand and applaud what she has accomplished, in a very humble way, for so many causes near and dear to her heart.

I offer my personal, lasting congratulations and applause for her volunteer contributions to the promotional products industry and other organizations she works so very hard for.

Gene P. Cesario, MAS
PPAI Hall of Fame & Lifetime Member
Advertising Product Suppliers
Mansfield, Texas
UPIC: apstoday

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