What’s Your Biggest Concern About Business In 2012?


Bill Turney, MAS
Executive Vice President
The Augusta Group

“Since 2012 is an election year, I am concerned about the politics of fear becoming so prevalent that it negatively affects the economy. Otherwise, I am not concerned about business in 2012; our economy is basically strong, and Americans are positive people (except for political campaigns). Sell American!”

Jeff Scult
Co-Founder And President
Golden Goods

“I don’t have any concerns. We are incredibly bullish.”

Audra Lehnert
Marketing Coordinator
Crystal D Awards

“Our biggest concern going into 2012 is the ever-changing business world. We know that the business-world is changing, and we can best respond to these changes when our company values and culture are strong. We are positioning ourselves for growth and are excited to see what the next 12 months bring.”

Carol de Ville, MAS
The Branding Company

“For The Branding Company, I see our biggest concerns and challenges for 2012 will be managing growth, the ever-changing technology requirements and continuing to develop, educate and maintain great employees.”

Larry D. Krause, MAS
LDK Marketing Services, Inc.

“It is my hope, and that of many others, that 2012 proves to be a better year. Our business in 2011 was better than 2010, so perhaps we are on an upward swing. Our overall challenge is to sell the many advantages offered by promotional products and the unique benefits of this advertising medium.”

Bert Williams, MAS
President And CEO
Williams and Associates, Ltd.

“Government must change directions and give us confidence again. We need to defeat the present ideologies. Once this happens, people will spend again.”

Nelson Jay
Vice President Of Marketing
Sunrise Identity

“We expect the industry shakeout with respect to compliance and supply chain transparency to continue to heat up. Distributors and suppliers must be all-in with respect to social compliance and product safety—then demonstrate the willingness and commitment to deliver ethically sourced and safe, documented products to customers and end users. To thrive, the entire industry must universally embrace this concept.”

Kathleen Milbier
Senior Sales Manager, Promotions

“I see the rose, not its thorns; Skinit’s expansion into the Promotional Industry in 2012 is exciting. Supplying Distributors with a reliable partnership & personalization tools to create custom branded electronic accessories is a perfect combination. Keeping up with demand is a concern, however with over 20 Million units shipped, I have no doubt our team will exceed expectations.”

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