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Things are getting smelly. By 2015, the global air fresheners market is forecasted to reach $8.3 billion, according to Global Industry Analysts, Inc. In this sensory industry, scented items fit right in.

“Scented items work as promotional products because they incorporate two of the most powerful senses: sight and smell,” says Stephen Bloom, president of Sarasota, Florida-based supplier Tattoo Factory, Inc. (UPIC: TATTOOS). “Scented products stand out in a crowd and gain the attention of not only the recipient, but also those nearby.”

Bloom initially introduced scented temporary tattoos to the cosmetic and fragrance industry to use as testers. It was a winning combination, and consumer product companies saw how scent could work for them, too.

“Programs were created for companies such as Tommy Hilfiger, Victoria’s Secret, General Mills and Bacardi,” says Bloom. “Scented products gain attention by releasing an aroma that is associated with the brand, which creates name recognition.”

How do you select the appropriate fragrance? Mark Shinn, MAS, president of Newscastle, Washington-based supplier rep firm Incentives West (UPIC: IDEAWEST), says it comes down to one thing: the client’s desired outcome.

“Are you looking to energize with peppermint? Refresh, calm, relax or inspire? It’s important for distributors and buyers to put themselves in the shoes of the recipients,” Shinn says. “Both can have favorites, but always remember that the investment is being made to deliver on ROI.”

Browse this collection of nose-pleasing products to see if one is right for your next campaign.

(First row)
ScenTee wearers exude a delectable fragrance as a result of the scented ink that’s screen-printed onto the tees. Choose from more than 100 scents such as chocolate and strawberry.
AddVenture Products UPIC: COMPREST 858-587-0061

Logos get some face time during drive time with these custom-molded Paper Air Fresheners. Designed to hang from rear-view mirrors, they’re offered in 14 different scents and are perfect for mailing.
Avaline UPIC: AVALINE 727-369-5220

Hands are sweetly sanitized with the Moisture Bead Sanitizer, which is available in citrus breeze and coconut. Select from a one-ounce round or oval bottle.
SnugZ USA UPIC: SNUGZUSA 888-447-6840

(Second row)
Clip the Spectraflex Soft PVC Auto Air Fresheners onto a vehicle’s air vent to circulate bright notes of evergreen, lemon, ocean fresh or vanilla. Each includes a replaceable fragrance insert.
EMT UPIC: EMTEASY 800-289-2911

Opt for Lip Balm in gourmet varieties such as Asian pear and vanilla bean to artfully fuse flavor and aroma. Maximize the promotion with a custom label or leash.
Leashables By Oralabs, Inc. UPIC: oralabs 800-290-0577

Ideal for promoting fragranced or flavored consumer products, Scented Temporary Tattoos are printed in a four-color process and feature a single aroma effect.
Tattoo Factory, Inc. UPIC: TATTOOS 941-923-4110

(Third row)
Users control the intensity of the Dial-A-Scent’s fresh-rain fragrance by adjusting the vent. No scent escapes until the membrane seal is released, making it perfect for program business.
HandStands UPIC: HANDSTND 800-228-8987

Take note of the subtly scented grip on the Script Scents Pen. It’s offered in four fragrances—cinnamon, citrus, floral and vanilla—and writes in black ink.
Quick Point, Inc. UPIC: QUICKPT 636-343-9400

Tucked in a box and tied with a ribbon, the Eight-Ounce Glass Votive makes the perfect thank-you gift. It’s made from clean-burning soy wax and features a lead-free cotton wick. Pick from dozens of inviting aromas.
SafeHaven Products UPIC: SAFE0002 888-513-7233

(Fourth row)
Invigorate study time with Scent-Sational Highlighters, which feature non-toxic, scented ink in student-approved smells such as berry, grape and green apple.
Aakron Rule Corp. UPIC: AAKRON 800-828-1570

Infuse your next promotion with a fresh blast of cinnamon, peppermint or wintergreen with a Domed Tin of MicroMints®. Customize the lid with a full-color logo.
Taylor & Grant Specialties Limited UPIC: FOODGIFT 800-461-0892

Getting Nosy
Kathy Vichakchon quite possibly has the most attuned nose in the promotional products industry. This national sales manager for Parker, Colorado-based supplier Leashables By Oralabs, Inc. (UPIC: oralabs) is a former scent guru for Dove, responsible for developing fragrances to match products. Here, she shares her expertise as a former fragrance evaluator.

Fragrance is … “the first experience a customer has with a scented product. Scent triggers something new and something old to the brain.”

Certain smells … “will take you back to your childhood vividly. Certain smells will take you back to your first boyfriend or girlfriend. If there was a scent involved in an experience, you’ll remember it. Scent has a huge impact on your memory.”

Every color … “has a scent associated with it. Packaging is extremely important. You can’t have a deep, dark, rich fragrance in a pastel bottle. This connection doesn’t match. Something soft and sweet doesn’t match with something deep and heavy.”

In a promotional sense … “smells are purely to create a connection. If your customers understand this, they’ll have a unique campaign.”

You can quickly ruin a product … “by using a mediocre or perceived cheap scent. It’s not something you can be middle of the road about—you have to know what you’re doing or don’t do it at all.”

Every culture … “has a different scent preference. I know this from doing focus groups in key market areas. In the U.S., vanilla is popular, but if you go to South America, vanilla is considered to be a cheap smell. If you launch something on a global scale, you have to be careful what notes you push.”

In today’s marketplace … “distributors are finding something new to bring to the table. You can even simply find a scent that’s connected with the color of a logo. This is how to use scent in a technical way.”

Click here to hear Kathy Vichakchon’s tips for deciding if a scented campaign is right for your clients.

Sniff It Out
Here’s a look at some top aromas and what they do in promotions.

Baby powder: promotes security and comfort
Chocolate: improves the mood
Citrus and peppermint: promote alertness
Eucalyptus: promotes positive energy
Geranium: nurtures and soothes
Lavender: promotes relaxation
Lime: promotes inner clarity
Orange: uplifts the spirit
Thyme: promotes calmness
Vanilla: reduces stress and anxiety

Source: ScentAir

Did you know that scent is the closest sense linked to memory or that a woman’s sense of smell is keener than a man’s?

Know This About The Nose?
No two people smell odor the same way.
The average person recognizes more than 10,000 scents.
Our sense of smell is responsible for 80 percent of what we taste.
After sight, smell is the most important of our five senses.
Tests indicate a 40-percent mood improvement when we’re exposed to a pleasant fragrance.
Noses can smell directionally.
Everyone has their own unique odor identity or smell “fingerprint.”
Our sense of smell is at work even when we are asleep.

Source: ScentAir

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