How Did You Prepare For This Year’s Expo?


“We prepared for The PPAI Expo by sending an e-mail to clients inquiring about their projects for the upcoming year. We take their responses and create a ‘shopping list’ for the show, which keeps us focused while we’re talking with suppliers.”
Adam Wright
Pulse Marketing and Apparel
Scottsdale, Arizona

“It took our team months and months of hard work, starting with developing our 2012 catalog, designing and engineering our 40-foot booth and coordinating travel arrangements for 12 staff members. This year, we are adding to the list a handful of interactive elements to our booth including a Party Bar, a Talking SmartButton kiosk and an opportunity to ‘Spin and Win’ an Apple iPad. We are incredibly excited and look forward to another great show this year.”
Christie Chambers
Buztronics, Inc.
Indianapolis, Indiana

“We prepared for The PPAI Expo by planning key supplier discussions to be held on the show floor during the days of the show, a supplier meet-and-greet one evening of the show and our international sales meeting, which is held in conjunction with the show. We will also be talking with customers to find out upcoming needs so we can be on the lookout for great solutions for them. I’m also rubbing my rabbit’s foot for luck while in Vegas.”
Kim Busboom
National Premium, Inc.
Pewaukee, Wisconsin

“We specialize in 100-percent custom neckwear, so a large portion of our booth display is literally our product. The fun part of getting ready for The PPAI Expo is deciding which examples of our capabilities from the many jobs we’ve done over the past year will be exhibited at the show. Since we’ve put everything from snack crackers to microchips on our ties and scarves, it can be quite a challenge.”
Kelly Holmes
Buffalo Bay
Greensboro, North Carolina

“My plan is to keep an open mind and prepare to soak it all in. You can’t just follow a plan or you might miss something. The events, people and ideas you engage in at The Expo will set the tone for your entire year. I make sure to take notes!”
Amanda Corey, CAS
Biz Mark, Inc.
Visalia, California

“Royce Leather will be distributing a modern twist on business cards: top-grain Napa leather silver-foil stamped with our corporate logo and contact information. We plan on highlighting our comprehensive collection of VideoFarm product videos, as well as debuting several new tech-savvy leather e-readers, laptops and tablet cases to start the New Year. Distributors can expect a vast array of product giveaways and exclusive deals to continue initiating and strengthening business partnerships.”
Billy Bauer
Royce Leather Gifts
Secaucus, New Jersey

“In the digital age, this may seem old school, but I keep a small note card in my pocket with all my key clients and ideas I am looking for. When I have found something cool, or I am looking at a booth full of great ideas, I peek at my reminder list so I can better connect those ideas to my clients.”
Glenda Stormes-Bice, MAS
Glendandy Marketing & Advertising
Ames, Iowa

“I met with our national sales manager, Tami Wainscott, several times for key deadlines and developed a working agenda culminating in our PPAI Expo meeting with our full staff and reps. We covered each day’s travel plans and more.”
Stan W. A. Dohan, MAS
The Allen Company
Blanchester, Ohio

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