Promotional Products Are Top Pick Among End Buyers And Consumers


In a Fall 2009 study of the advertising purchasing habits of end buyers, promotional products were ranked as the top advertising choice over mainstream media including television, newspaper and internet. The study of more than 1,000 marketing executives was conducted by researchers at Louisiana State University and Glenrich Business Studies for PPAI.

Participants were asked to evaluate promotional products, television, direct mail, newspapers, consumer magazines, trade publications, internet and social media with regard to eight attributes associated with marketers’ needs. Of those, promotional products outranked the other media in five categories:

 Ability to achieve long-term memorability at the cost of paying only for a single exposure
 Flexibility to fit the cost of the medium to available budget
 Ability to bond audience to advertiser so as to promote repeat business
 Audience friendly (i.e., not so likely to offend or be regarded as a nuisance)
 Ability to generate traffic (e.g., stores, tradeshows, events)
 Best cost-per-thousand (CPM) to reach selective or niche audiences
 Ability to personalize messages or recipients’ names
 Best cost-per-thousand (CPM) to reach mass audiences

Promotional products performed exceptionally well in the “audience friendly (i.e., not so likely to offend or be regarded as a nuisance)” category, scoring a mean average of 3.89 out of five. The medium also considerably outranked the other media in the “ability to achieve long-term memorability at the cost of paying only for a single exposure” category, scoring a mean average of 3.79 out of five.

Additionally, participants were shown a list of attributes commonly associated with promotional products and asked to evaluate how important each attribute was to their marketing needs. Of the 11 listed, three attributes achieved the highest combined scores of “Important” or “Very Important.” Those attributes were:

 Ability to reach target audiences efficiently (no budget waste on non-prospects)
 Flexibility to fit budget
 Ability to promote customer/audience loyalty/repeat business
In a second study, this time of consumers, conducted by PPAI and fielded through MarketTools Inc. in San Francisco, California, 94 percent of respondents could recall a promotional product they’d received in the past two years and 89 percent could also recall the advertiser.
Respondents also shared the following about promotional products and their value:
• 83 percent like receiving a promotional product with an advertising message
• 48 percent would like to receive promotional products more often
• 73 percent think they were given a promotional product to promote a service/product
• 69 percent generally keep the promotional product

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